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Date Version Changes
1st February 2011   Minor changes to various pages
13th August 2007   Added details of a second display at Twyford Waterworks
31st August 2007   Added Broadway Baptist Church Display page
25th August 2007   Added Tektronix 1480 series manual to the Service Data page
18th August 2007   Added Sinclair ZX80 & ZX81 pages
12th August 2007   Added details of a display at Twyford Waterworks
8th July 2007   Added Megger Applications Booklet
5th July 2007   Added Taylor 110C manual
9th October 2006   Added FotH TV page
7th October 2006   Added pictures for display at the Quainton Steam Rally here.
2nd September 2006 6.2 Added pages for this years displays here.
24th March 2006   Repaired some links
23rd March 2006   Repaired some links
14th January 2006   Added articles on Goblin clock servicing and the AVO Coil Winder by Mike Phelan, to the service data page.
29th October 2005   Added brief report on a radio display given at the Chiltern Traction Engine Club's end of year rally 2005.
24th October 2005   Added Cossor 1039 Mk2 oscilloscope manual to the service data page.
24th October 2005   Added Qaurtzlock AE198 and 2A manuals to the service data page.
12th September 2005   Added AVO VCM 163 operating instructions to the service data page.
26th August 2005   Added AVO (Douglas & Macadie) coil winder and wave winder manuals and catalogue to the service data page.
27th July 2005   Updated the sales and wants page.
19th April 2005   Added article on transformer shorted turn detection to the service data page
4th April 2005   Upate to the PDP 11/45 page.
26th February 2005   Minor corrections and updates to pages (spelling mistakes, links and item status).
20th February 2005 6.1 Added computer index, including the PDP 11/45
1st February 2005   Added Tunnel Diode Curve Tracer article.
11th December 2004   Added Advance H1 manual.
27th November 2004   Added Capacitor Re-forming unit.
23rd November 2004   Added Thyratron index page including SCR ring counter data
23rd November 2004   Added Thyratron Frequency Divider
14th November 2004   Updated Thyratron Pulse Generator and GEC PABX pages.
12th November 2004   Updated Thyratron Pulse Generator
9th November 2004   Added Thyratron Pulse Generator
7th September 2004   Added "Television on a Tek Scope" page.Updated Tektronix 535A and "Heathrow Visitor Centre" page.
30th August 2004   Hacker Radio, Bang & Olufsen and Pye indexes uploaded. Updated "sales" and Tektronix 535A pages.
22nd August 2004   First two company index pages uploaded, Bush Index and Roberts Radio Index, part 1 of the long delayed version 6!
20th August 2004   Updated "sales" Page. Added Bush TUG58 and Tektronix 535A.
3rd August 2004   Updated "sales" Page.
8th July 2004 6.0 I intend to add sub indexes for different manufacturers, rolling out over the next few weeks. I have also started a new "What's New" page, as the old one had become too large to edit or to view.
8th July 2004   For previous site history, click here.


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