Radio Display at the Twyford Waterworks Trust Open Day 7th October 2007


Twyford Waterworks is an Edwardian pumping station, which has supplied water to the Southampton area for over a hundred years. Some of the original steam pumps are still in place, and preserved, along with some 1930's Diesel pumps. Water is still pumped from the on site wells, but this is now done by electric pumps.

Hathorn Davy triple expansion steam engine

My neighbour for the day! The Hathorn Davey triple expansion steam engine. This engine lifted water from the wells, and delivered it to a softening plant. The softened water was then pumped uphill to a remote resevoir by a second set of pumps (transfer pumps), driven by the same engine. The well pumps (which have been removed - the wells are still used, but with electric pumps) were driven from the crank in the foreground. The transfer pumps are under the engine, driven form the crosshead each connecting rod. To give an idea of scale, the flywheel in the foreground is 9' diameter, and weighs over 8 tons! The engine is three stories high, with transfer pumps and condenser air pump in the basement, crankshaft and controls at ground level, and the cylinders and valve gear on the first floor.

On top, Vidor CN420, GEC BC 561, Murphy B243.

Back row, R210, R209, Cossor 520AC Pye PE69L.

Front row, "Kiki" trf set, homemade ZN414 based set in perspex case, Bush DAC10, Invicta Model 20

On top, Pye P123BQ, Channel Master 8, Electradix crystal set for the blind.

Back row, Murphy A98, Zentih "Trabsoceanic" 3000, Bush VHF??, Wartime Civilian Set (Utility set).

Front row, Revophone crystal set, Crossley D25, Ivalek Crystal set, "Telebox" svaings bank, Decca "Debonette delux"

The blue and whiote column at the rear left of the picture is an example of the modern electric well pumps.

On top, GEC BC402, Cossor 1039 oscilloscope, butterstamp telephones.

Back row, Marconi TF1245 circuit magnification (Q) meter, Fluke differential voltmeter, Airmec Radivet, GPO 3+1 manual telephone exchange.

Front row, Muirhead frequency comparator, AVO test set No1, AVO CT160 valve tester, Lord Kelvin's Patent Testing Set, Ericsson signal box telephone, Megger low resistance Ohmmeter.

The large green items in the background are the motor and control gear for an Allen borehole pump from the 1950s. This type of pump replaced one of the two steam engines that were originally on the site.

Back row, Roberts RD50, Roberts RMB, Commodre M-55 calculator, Commodro KIM-1 computer

Front row, Roberts RP28, Roberts RM50, Commodore 64c computer, Remote terminal.


For more information on the waterworks, visit their website:

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