Radio Display at the Twyford Waterworks Trust Open Day August 2007


Twyford Waterworks is an Edwardian pumping station, which has supplied water to the Southampton area for over a hundred years. Some of the original steam pumps are still in place, and preserved, along with some 1930's Diesel pumps. Water is still pumped from the on site wells, but this is now done by electric pumps.

General view of the display in the filter room.

View from the other end. The large tanks are the last remaining Haines filters in the UK, and were part of the water softening process at the plant.

Detail pictures.

On top: Templtone H413 valve mains / battery portable, Roberts RM50, Middlesex University Teaching Resources (MUTR) Replica Televisor (32 line).

Back row: GPO 1+3 Private Manual Branch Telephone Exchange (PMBX), Fluke 893A Differential Voltmeter, Racal RA17 receiver with RA137 low frequency converter.

Front row: Muirhead K-146-A frequency comparator, Butterstamp telephones, Megger low resistance ohmmeter (and the vital tea cup!)

On top: Decca TP60 "Debonaire Deluxe", Channel Master Super Fringe 8

Back row: Cossor 520 "Melody Maker", Murphy A98, Roberts RMB mains / battery portable

Front row: GEC BC402, Crossley D25 clock radio

On top: Pye P123BQ, Murphy B283 valve portable with M231 mains adaptor

Back row: Bush VHF61 (provided music all day!), Pye PE69L, Wartime Civilian Receiver (Utlility set).

Front row: "Lord Kelvin's Testing Set No15", Cossor 1039 oscilloscope, Invitca Model 20, Bush DAC10

Sinclair ZX80, Sinclair ZX81 (with memory pack and printer), AVO CT160 valve tester.


For more information on the waterworks, visit their website:

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