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Manufacturer Ekco (E.K. Cole)
Model T330
Age Released February 1958
Service Data Yes, Trader sheet 1367/T158
Condition Fair, a few scratches and some water damage to the top of the cabinet. Untested.
Dimensions Big! This is a set with a 17" (44cm) tube.
Comments This is a typical late 1950's set, covering Bands 1 & 3, on the 405 line standard. The mains input is via one of those (dangerous) 2 pin mains connectors on the rear of the set. There is some damage to the finish on top of the cabinet, which looks to be caused by water - it was a favourite place to keep house plants! This set shares the same chassis as the following sets: Ekco T312, TC313 and Ferranti T1006, TC1012 & T1002/1.

The damage,


This set is no longer in my collection.

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