Cossor 1039



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Manufacturer Cossor
Model 1039
Age 1950?
Service Data For the Mk2 version, unfortunatly, this is the Mk1!
Condition Good, but untested. Includes the protective cover for the tube (not shown)
Dimensions 5"x4"x11" (130 x 110 x 290mm)
Comments This is a simple oscilloscope that was aimed at the television service trade, but it does have a very restricted bandwidth (3.5MHz with a gain of 10). The unit was designed to complement the Cossor alignment generators (wobbulator, or sweep generator) which were available for the TV, FM and general radio bands (anybody got one that they don't want?). The circuit is very simple, using 4 valves (3 in the Mk2), to provide timebase and amplification, the 4th valve is a clamp diode to suppress the flyback (replaced by a semiconductor in the Mk2). The power supply uses semiconductor diodes to provide the HT, and 2 more in a voltage doubler to give the EHT for the tube (about 900V). The controls are uncalibrated, and there is no graticule on the tube, so it is really only an indicator, not a serious measuring instrument.

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