GPO Tester TG1149



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Manufacturer Made for the GPO (General Post Office)
Model Tester TG1149
Age When I find some marks... But some bits 1941 (switches)
Service Data I have the wiring diagram (TG/TGW1149)
Condition A bit Bashed (well used), but working!
Dimensions About 9"x9"x20" (225 x 225 x 500mm)
Comments This unit is designed to test Polar Relays (also known as telegraph or Carpenter relays). The rela is plugged in to the socket on the front panel, and the tests set up on the key switches on the front panel. The meter reads current through the winding, or bias for checking the relay contact adjustment. there is an internal power supply to give the drive current for the relay windings, and a test voltage for the contacts. The two devices each side of the meter are barretters, which limit the current through the relay contacts.

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