Airmec 311 Frequency Standard



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Manufacturer Airmec
Model 311 Frequency Standard
Age Mid 1960's?
Service Data No. I would very much like some information on this item.
Condition Good - untested.
Dimensions approx. 19" x 14" x 10" (575 x 350 x 250mm)
Comments This is a very high qaulity off-air frequency standard, which was locked to the BBC Radio 4 longwave transmitter on 200KHz (unfortunatly, Radio 4 Longwave is now on 198KHz, so the divider circuits are now wrong). It also contains a very accurate crystal reference for use when radio synchronisation is not possible.

The unit ouputs both sine waves and pulse at varying frequencies for triggering external circuits, has it's own built in high accuracy clock, and a built in oscilloscope to allow frequency comparisons (for example, between the internal crystal source and the radio signal).

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