Taylor Model 110C C&R Bridge



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Manufacturer Taylor Instrument Company
Model Model 110C
Age Early 1950's?
Service Data Instructions only.
Condition Very Good - untested.
Dimensions 8" x 5" x 4" (200 x 135 x 110mm)
Comments A typical bench top bridge of the period. It can measure capacitance from about 5pF to 1200uF and resistance from about 1 Ohm to 120 M Ohm. The circuit is simple, with a 6J5GT oscillator exciting the bridge, and an EM34 as a null detector, the rectifier is a 6X5GT. There is also a control marked "Power Factor", the purpose of which is unclear (if anybody knows, please email me!). Unusually, the power switch (and voltage selector) are on the side of the instrument, which may have made it a little awkward to use on the bench.

Inside view, showing the simplicity of the instrument. The power transformer is in the base of the case, with everthing else being mounted on the lid.

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