Marconi TF2002 Signal Generator



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Manufacturer Marconi instruments Ltd.
Model TF2002
Age 1964 according to the dates on the capacitors.
Service Data Yes
Condition Fair, working. See Marconi TF2002 repairs
Comments This is a high qaulity signal generator from the 1960s. It was designed for aligning communications equipment, and for making accurate checks on the performance of the equipment.

The generator covers 10KHz to 72MHz in eight bands, with a large slide-rule type scale. The output is variable between 1uV and 1V. The generator can be AM modulated from either an internal variable frequency source, or from an external source. There is also provision for external frequency modulation to be applied ( this feature also makes it possible to make swept frequency measurements on equipment). There is an in built crystal calibrator for checking the accuracy of the dial.

This generator was purchased from eBay, and sort of worked when it arrived, but needed some repairs to bring it back up to scratch.

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