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Manufacturer GEC
Service Data No
Condition Fair
Dimensions Big and Heavy! the unit stands about 5' (1.6m) high
Comments This is a Private Automatic Branch Exchange capable of handling 3 lines to a public telephone exchange and 10 local extensions (normally designated as 3+10). The incoming lines can be set to ring either an operators telephone, or to ring a specific extension (selected by wiring inside the unit). An extension can make calls either to another extension or direct to the public network without going through the operator. The unit can only handle two calls at any one time! It is typical of units supplied to small offices in the late 1960s and early 70s. The picture shows the rear of the unit with its cover removed, showing the tag blocks for connection of lines and extensions at the top, the connecting uniselectors in the middle, and the 50v power supply at the bottom. This PABX was recovered from a Telecomms company in Newton Aycliffe, ehere it had done may years service as a test bed for their products. On top of the cabinet are some parts for a PABX3 type exchange (a very long term project to build a 100 line model) and the special test meter for an ATE UHF link.

This item is no longer in my collection.

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