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This is where we ask for help with items we need, and get rid of the bits that we don't!

If your search engine has bought you straight to this page, please check out the A-Z index, as there may be more information elsewhere on the site - we are often looking for parts for sets that we own.

Items Wanted.      
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Manuals Tape Recorders Radios Telephones
Telvision Test Equipment    


  Manuals for the following
  Taylor Model 110C C&R Bridge.
  Complete Equipment or spare parts.
  Tektronix letter, 1, 2 & 3 and 80 series plugins
  Tektronix 180 time mark generator.
  Tektronix Type 81 or 81A plug in adaptor for 580 series 'scopes
  Dynamotor type DM28 for BC348 receiver.
  Plug for BC348 receiver
  Mounting tray for BC348
  Mounting tray, connectors and control box for "command set" receiver AN/ARC-5 or SCR274 series.
  Transmitters for SCR274 "command sets"
  Transmitter mounting trays for SCR274 "command sets"
  Transmitter control units for SCR274 "command sets"
  Antenna relay unit for SCR274 "command sets"
  Marconi TM 5728A matching transformer
  Marconi TM 4947 series inductors
  Marconi TJ 155B/1 or TJ 155C/1 test jigs (dielectric loss)
  Marconi TJ230 series loss test jig

For Sale

All items listed for sale are untested, and should be thoroughly checked before power is applied.

  Manuals: Original unless otherwise stated.
  Tektronix type D plug-in 3 +P&P (2 available)
  Tektronix type E plug-in 3 +P&P
  Tektronix type L plug-in 3 +P&P
  Tektronix 180 time mark generator 3 +P&P
  Tape recorders:
  None at present
  RCA AR88 wavechange switch with screens 5 + P&P
  Test Equipment:
  none at present
  none at present
  none at present


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