Radio Display at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Steam Rally 2006


I was invited to tkae a few sets along to the steam rally at the Buckhinghamshire Railway Centre, at Quainton, Bucks, at the end of September.

General view of my stand in the craft tent.

On top: Dansette 222, Homebuilt Crystal set S.G. Brown H3 horn type speaker, GEC Gecophone horn loudspeaker.

Back row: Ferranti 146, Homebuilt 3 Valve set (circa 1925), Kolster Brandes 169.

Front row: Ultra T401, S.G. Brown type F headphones (seperate earpieces), Brandes headphones, Crosley D-25


On top: Super Fringe 8, Templetone portable.

Back row: Philips 727A, Philips 580A, Philips 534.

Front row: Marconi T49DA, Bush DAC90A Cossor 464AC.


On top: Kolster Brandes FB10.

Back row: Murohy A3A, Ferranti portable

Front: Pye P123BQ.


The posters are from the BVWS.


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