This Website aims to display our collection of communication related items. There is no policy to show representative items or design classics in any area of the collection, what is on show here, and retained within the collection is whatever we like, or where particularly interested in at any one time.

We will try to organise the collection into areas, for example, novelty sets, domestic sets, telephones etc. Where items can be included in more than one section, we will attempt to do this, space permitting. We will also try to provide an alpa-numeric index of all the items on the site, and evenrtually all the items in our collection.

Items shown on the site are not for sale.We will produce a list of surplus items as a page within this site.

If possible, we will provide any information that we can to aid other collectors and students of old technology.

It is not our intention to infringe any copyright material, if we have it is accidental, and, when contacted, we will remove the material at the earliest possible time.

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