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Manufacturer Wells Gardner Ltd (these sets were made by a number of different companies)
Model BC-348-Q
Age Made for an order placed in 1943
Service Data Yes. manual available at
Condition Cosmeticaly fair, Electricaly????? See BC-348-Q Repairs for more information.
Comments This is an airborne receiver that was widely used by the American forces during World War 2. It is an 8 valve superhet, covering 200 to 550KHz and 1.5 to 18Mhz in six bands. It has an integral Dynamotor concerter to provide the HT voltage, originally being designed to run off 28V DC, this unit has a home built mains supply in place of the original converter. This set has suffered a number of modifications over the years, in an attempt to make it more useable for amateur radio. My intention is to return it to as near original condition as possible

This picture shows the top of the chassis, with the homemade power unit at the top right.

Does anyone have a spare Dynamotor type DM-28?

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