FOTH Standards Converter Demonstration, Harpenden June 2006


FOTH (Fools on the Hill), is a LINUX based television standards converter using a PC to do the clever bits! It is based on the KNOPPMYTH LINUX distribuition, so with the addition of the relevant interface cards in the PC, is capable of "off-air" conversion from analogue or digital brodacasts, DVD playback, internet video streaming, and web browsing. The PC can aslo be used as a "hard disk" type video recorder.

The hard development work was done by Kat Manton, and first demonstrated at the National Vintage Communications Fair, held at the Warwick Exhibition Centre in the Spring of 2006. I was the test dummy, to see if the results were repeatable.

I was asked to take my system along to the BVWS meeting at Harpenden, in June 2006, to demonstrate the system.

My system consists of a PC with a Pentium 4 processor, 256MB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, DVD / CD drive, 100M LAN, and a Hauppage TV card, running the KNOPPMYTH LINUX package, with modifications to the X-windows mode line. There is a RGB / Synch combiner to Kat's Mk2 design, and I'm using a Philips PM5511B pattern generator as a VHF modulator.

A general view of the set up. PC is on the left, RGB combiner on top of modulator, Sony 9-90UB showing DrWho in 405 lines!

A close up of Kat's Mk2 RGB combiner.

Driving Jeffrey Borinsky's Sony CVM9-90UB and Prowest PM14/1A monitors, and Tektronix RM529 multi-standard waveform monitor. The small black box to the left of the 9-90 is one of the new Aurora combined standard converter and modulator units.

A new op-amp based RGB combiner which I have under development.

A screen shot form my Sony 9-90UB tv, showing Dr Who, "Tomb of the Cybermen" in all its 405 line glory!


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