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What is a Modeline?

the X-Modeline tells the video card what format the video output should take. It allows you to specify picture size, number of lines, number of frames, interlaced or progressive, and the duration and polarity of the synchronisation pulses.

How do I calculate the Numbers?

There is a tutorial on calculating modelines here. This is quite in depth, but it is worth the effort!

How do I get it on the MYTH system?

There are two ways to get modelines into the system. You can either edit the existing X config file, or use FTP to load a complete new config onto the system.

If you wish to edit your own config files, it is a good idea to log on remotely, as this allows you to change the modeline/config without worrying about loosing the display.

If you want to load a complete config file via FTP, it is a straightforward procedure, assuming you have a local FTP server (If you have a local FTP server, I'll assume you know enough to load a file onto the MYTH system!)

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