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I'm putting this page in to try and answer a few questions that keep coming up, either by e-mail, or in person!

HT & LT Batteries Can I still buy them?

Lantern Batteries Where can I get them from?

PP6 and PP9 Batteries Where can I get them from?

Valves (Tubes) Can you still buy them?



HT & LT Batteries.

Are they still available?

The simple answer is no! Unfortunatly, the familiar HT and LT batteries have not been available for a number of years, however, this does not mean that your battery set is useless. There are a number of ways around the problem:

1. use a battery eliminator, this is a power supply that runs from the mains, but has the disadvantage that your radio is no longer portable.

2. Use dry batteries for the LT supply (D cells are suitable for LT supplies in most "All Dry" sets), and use an inverter to provide the HT supply. The radio is now portable, but the inverter can be expensive.

3. Use dry batteries for LT and HT, again use D cells for the LT supply, and a string of PP3 9V batteries for the HT - this is only really suitable for the "All Dry" type receivers, and is very expensive, unless you have a cheap source of 9V batteries.


Lantern batteries. A few sets (the Roberts R707) used the PJ996 lantern battery for power (the Roberts uses 2!). These are a 6V battery, about 2.5" square, and 7" long, with two springs on top for the contacts. Many people seem to be having difficulty buying replacements, though they are still available from Woolworths, B & Q, Focus, Wilkinson's, many small ironmongers, and of course RS components, and Farnell. RS also sell a rechargeable version, which has a mains charger built into the battery, but this is very expensive.

These batteries are expensive, so you may want to investigate the use of a small mains supply in there place, or the use of "C" cells in a suitable holder (you can get 4 "C" cells inside the case of an old PJ996).


PP6 and PP9 batteries. These are 9V batteries, and are still availabe, though the PP6 is becoming difficult to find. See the Lantern Batteries notes for some possible suppliers.


Valves. Valves (tubes, electron tubes) are they still available? Most definatly YES!, though some types are becoming difficult to find, and so attract a premium price. Most of the replacement valves that are now available are "New Old Stock", meaning that they are unused, but have been in storage for many years, a few types are still in production (mainly specialist audio types). A large number of companies stock valves, we have a large stock (listed here), and check out our Links page for a few other suppliers (there are lotsmore!)

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