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Manufacturer Pye Radio Ltd
Model Twin-triple transportable AC4D
Age 1930
Service Data No
Condition Fair (beware of the woodworm)
Dimensions 19.75"x17.25"x9"
Comments Found out side a local antique shop, and acquired for 20 (less than the asking price). This is a 3 valve + Rectifier mains set, with an internal frame aerial. The set is a TRF (Tuned Radio Frequency), and covers what are now the long and medium wave bands - they're labelled as long and short on the set. The cabinet is made of walnut, and the whole thing is mounted on a turntable to allow you to align the aerial for best reception. The set was also available in Dc and battery versions (DC4D & B4D). This set needs a lot of work, and is currently qaurantined for woodworm treatment!

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