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Manufacturer Hacker
Model RP35 Herald
Age Mid 1960s.
Service Data Yes
Condition Fair, it works, but there is slight damage to the leather cloth on the front (you can see it near the nottom left corner of the grill).
Dimensions About 12"x3"x8" (300x75x200mm)
Comments Hacker were makers of high class radio equipment, and lasted until the late 1970s. There main competition was from Roberts and Dynatron. The Herald is a long and medium wave design, but benefits from a large loudspeaker. The set uses two (expensive) PP9 batteries, to give a +/- 9V supply. The circuit is fairly standard, but the audio output stage is mounted on a seperate PCB. These sets are often found in a non-working state, due to failure of the AF117 transistor in the mixer stage.

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