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Manufacturer Bush
Model DAC90A
Age Released February 1950
Service Data Yes - Trader Sheet 1161
Condition Repaired - see the DAC90A repairs page.
Dimensions 12" x 9" x 7" (300 x 225 x 175mm)
Comments The DAC90A is a rework of the DAC90, using B8A "Rimlock" valves in place of the earlier Octals, and curing a couple of design faults along the way - the wavechange switch has moved to the side of the cabinet, so the tuning is not altered by placing your hand near the tuning knob, and the back no longer catches fire, as the new valves generate less heat, and can be further from the back panel. Unfortunatly, the set still has the horrible two pin mains connector. Modern life has bought a couple more problems, the ouput valve (UL41) is now very difficult to obtain, the clear plastic trim around the knobs tends to harden and crack with age, and the mains filter capacitor often departs in a spectacular way. The set also shares a lot of circuitry with the DAC10. This radio is no longer in my collection.

The unburnt back, showing the dangerous 2 pin connector!

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