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Manufacturer Orpheus Radio
Model Unknown
Age 1936 (dated by the station names and frequencies, using the data in Jonathan Hills "Radio, Radio")
Service Data No - I'm looking for any data on this set
Condition Fair, there are scratches to the cabinet, and surface rust on the chassis, but the set is complete. There is some evidence of past repairs (1950's RS electrolytic capacitors), so the set must have had a long life! Take a look at the repairs.
Dimensions 22.5" x 14" x 10.5" (560x350x260mm)
Comments This is a mid 30's superhet, with an AC only power supply. The set is a 4 valve plus rectifier and tuning indicator model, with a gramophone input. Valves are FC4, VP4B, TDD4, AC/PEN, IW4-350 and TV4. It covers Long, Medium and Short wave

I've included a number of additional pictures, in the hope someone can identify the chassis, and provide some service data.

The Dial has an interesting "light beam" type pointer, with a seperate bulb for each band (LW, MW & SW).

I've since found out that this set has a low IF (130KHz), this is not a problem on Long and Medium wave, but on short wave, there is a terrible image problem, so you can tune most stations in twice!

It appears that this set was made either by a small low volume company, or was made for sale by a local department store, or a small chain of shops. As such, only a small number would have been made (some of the production techniques support this), so it would now seem that this set is unique, unless YOU know of any more survivors.


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