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Manufacturer Bush
Model DAC90
Age Released 1946
Service Data Yes
Condition Good, top of cabinet a little dull, the usual fire damage to the back. See the Bush DAC90 repairs page for details.
Dimensions 12" x 9" x 7" (300 x 225 x 175mm)
Comments The Bush DAC90 is a standard post-war 4 valve plus rectifier design, using octal series valves in a Bakelite cabinet. The set has a couple of inherent design faults, the first being the proximity of the mains dropper resistor (the set has an AC/DC or universal power supply), to the (cardboard) back panel - the backs of these sets are almost always burnt, revealing the connections to the dropper, which carry live mains! The second fault concerns the tuning control and aerial - the set has a frame aerial mounted on the inside side of the cabinet, and the tuning control protrudes through this, unfortunatly, placing your hand on the control alters the characteristics of the aerial, and detunes the set, or more to the point, when you tune the set in, removing your hand alters the tuning......... this was cured in the later DAC90A sets.

The set pictured is not in my collection, but is one that I have recently repaired.

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