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Manufacturer Roberts radio Ltd
Model R707
Service Data Yes
Condition Fair, needs cleaning.
Comments A four band battery portable, covering Long, Medium and Short wave (no bandspread),as well as VHF. The only slightly odd feature is the use of two 6V 'lantern' batteries (PJ996) as a power source, see below.

The circuit includes two of the infamous circuit modules that Roberts were so fond of in the 60s and 70s, in this case, the VHF tuner and the IF strip. The modules were made by Mullard Electronics Ltd, and were designed to give designers 'off the shelf' solutions to the electronics of the set, the modules were a fine idea at the time, with other firms producing modules for other products, for example, Venner Electronics produced a range of counter and logic modules, but since they are now out of production, it makes repairing equipment that used the moduler approach very difficult, if not impossible!

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