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Beolit 600



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Manufacturer Bang & Olufsen
Model Model 1504 "Beolit 600"
Age Introduced 1970
Service Data Yes
Condition Fair, could do with a good clean and needs the dial cord replacing
Dimensions 9"x2.5"x14.5" (220x60x360mm)
Comments   What can you say... another slightly strange though technically excellent design from Bang & Olufsen (shame about the colour, similar to those equally horrible mustard 700 sereies telephones we used to get in the 1970s). Both sides of the case can be removed by sliding the base, to allow battery changing and service. The tuning indicator is two small ball bearings which run in grooves in the top of the set, pulled by a magnet hidden below the aluminium fascia. The UK version has Long, Medium andVHF bands, were as versions for other markets had short wave. The set was designed by Jacob Jensen, and won a Danish Design Centre prize in 1970. There is provision for an external mains supply, though at the slightly odd voltage of 7.5V. Another unusual feature is that by pressing two of the buttons together, the set can be used as a record player amplifier. The set is normally powered by 5 D cells (yes that number is correct - very annoying in the UK when they used to come in packs of two). The item taped to the front of the set (by a previous owner) is the dial cord spring, which is probably why this set ended up on our local tip, from where it was 'salvaged' for 2.


This radio is no longer in my collection.

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