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Manufacturer Hacker Radio Limited
Model RP25A Sovereign 2
Age Late 1960s
Service Data Yes
Condition Fair, could do with a good clean!
Dimensions 12"x8" 4.5" (300 x 200 x 110mm)
Comments A large well engineered portable radio from Hacker, covering Long and Medium wave, with VHF FM aswell. The set is powered by two PP9 batteries. The internal layout follows the usual Hacker practice of seperate PCBs for seperate circuit blocks (see below), in this case, AF amplifier (bottom of case), FM IF amplifier (large PCB, left side of case), FM tuner (under perspex cover, behind ferrite rod)and combined AM RF/mixer/ IF amplifier (Right side, behind telescopic aerial). The batteries are fitted in the bottom left and right corners.

These sets post date the AF series transistors, so are usually fairly reliable. The set also has a Gram input, to allow it to be used as an amplifier for a record player (bear in mind that at this time, a lot of reord players were fitted with the correct cabling for a stereo cartridge, the second channel being brought out to a socket, which could then be connected to an additional amplifier).The case is Rexine covered plywood, with aturntable fitted to the base. This was another purchase at our local tip for about 2, possibly the only way to collect old radios on a budget!

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