HMV 1360



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Manufacturer HMV
Model 1360
Age Released 1954
Service Data Yes
Condition Very good
Dimensions 16"x12"x9" (410mm x 310mm x 230mm)
Comments This is the one that started it all, back in 1991, when I found a very sorry looking dirt and nicotine encrusted lump under a table in a Woolwich junkshop! After taking it home, cleaning the cabinet in the bath, and a couple of minor repairs, I ended up with this fine example of a 1950's set. The set is a basic 4valve + rectifier design, covering Long, Medium and Short wave, with an integral aerial. Just as a special touch, the Knobs are illuminated by the dial lamp, so the set has a pleasing glow in subdued light. I have since repaired another one of these sets for my mother-in-law, as she was so impressed with the performance of this one. There is a version with VHF FM, which I have ready to work on, and there is also a battery set in the same case (any body got one that they don't want?).

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