Radio Display at the Chiltern Traction Engine Club Hobbies Night 2006


One meeting of the Chiltern traction Engine Club, each year, is devoted to a "Hobbies and Interests" night, to allow members to display smaller items from their collections, and to allow the exchange and sale of items between members.

This year I took a few radios along to the night, and the pictures are below.

A general view of the display.

The right-hand side, including General Electric,. Bush DAC10, Blaupunkt Florenz, Ferranti portable, Siemens Neophone and Dansette 222

The left hand end, with GPO selector tester, test frame and PABX3 final selector, Telephone type 150 and Bellset No1 (candlestick telephone), two early "butterstamp" telephones (circa 1885), Hacker mayflower 2, and the Neophone and GE set again.

A better view of the centre of the display

During the evening, the Blaupunkt Florenz, Hacker Mayflower 2 and the DAC10 were in use, and the telephone 2 motion selector were demonstrated.

Exhibit labels were prepared using the "Label" facilities in Microsoft Word.

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