Pul-syn-etic Programme Clock



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Manufacturer Pul-syn-etic
Model Unknown programme clock
Age 1960's?
Service Data No
Condition Very Good.
Dimensions About 20" x 14" x 10" (500 x 350 x 250mm)
Comments This clock is a large time switch, run from a 240V 50Hz synchronous motor, but it would seem that it is a factory adaptation of an earlier clock designed to work with impulse clock systems.

Opening the lockable door on the case allows you to undo two thumbscrews, and remove the top cover. The motor is mounted on the lower right, and connected to the right hand terminal block. There are three sets of contacts operated by the mechanism, which are connected in series to the left hand terminal block, such that all thre contacts have to operate to give an ouput. The dial nearest the motor is marked in minutes, the large dial st the back is marked in hours, and the dial at the centre left in days. The contacts are arranged to generate a pulse every 35minutes (contact nearest the motor), with the other dials interupting the pulse outside of working hours and at the weekend - so you have probably already arrived at the conclusion that this unit was used to control the end of lesson bells in a school!

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