Radio Display at the Broadway Baptist Church 300th Anniversary Exhibition. 21st October 2006


This was a larger display than I normally do, and was intended to be a timeline of radio and television development from the 1920's through to the present day. This was in keeping with the rest of the display, which covered the 300 years of the church's history, and how the church and town had changed over time.

General view of the display, earliest items near the camera, lates at the rear right of the picture.

The 20's and 30's (and a litle of the 40's), starting with a home-built crystal set, moving through a Kolster Brandes 169 and GEC "Gecophone" horn loudspeaker, Murphy A3, Cossor ??, Philips 727A, there is also a Lend-Lease supplied General Electric L-651 at the rear. The early days of television are represented by a Scophony type 123 mirror-drum scanner (on top of the Murphy). Also included in the picture are some early copies of "Television and Shortwave" magazine, high impedance headphones and various valves

The same sets froma different angle, also including the "Wartime Civilian Set" (Utility set).

The late 40's and 50's. Including Ultra T401, Cossor 464AC "Melody Maker", Ferranti portable, Pye B18 television, Bush DAC90A, Kolster Brandes FB10, Bush TV22 television, Pye 123 BQ transistor portable, Philips B3G85U. There are also some 50's radio magazines and books.

Late 50's to the present. Philips B3G85U, Grundig ??, Dansette 222, Hacker VHF Herald, Perdio Portarama TV, Sony 9-90UB TV


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