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Advance H1 (PDF manual)

Aertec Pager

Airmec 311 Frequency Standard

Airmec 853 Wave Analyser

Air Ministry Ouput Meter Type 2

AVO (Douglas & Macadie) No1 & No3 Coil winder instruction manual (PDF)

AVO coil winder - a Discussion by Mike Phelan (PDF)

AVO - Douglas & Macadie Coil Winder Catalogue (PDF)

AVO Multiminor Mk4 (Pdf Handbook)

AVO model 8 spares list (PDF)

AVO model 7 (Pdf Handbook)

AVO model 7 MK2 (Pdf Handbook)

AVO Model 8 service manual. (PDF)

AVO Test Set No1 (Pdf Handbook)

AVO TT169 Transistor Tester (Pdf Handbook)

AVO VCM 163 Operating Manual (PDF)

AVO (Douglas & Macadie) Wave Winder and Progressive Wave Winder instruction manual (PDF)


Bang & Olufsen index

Bang & Olufsen Model 1201 "Beolit 600"

Bang & Olufsen Model 1201 "Beolit 600" (PDF circuit diagram and alignment instructions. 2.3MB)

Bang & Olufsen Model 1504 "Beolit 600"

Bang & Olufsen Model 1515 "Beolit 707"

"Bathtub" Morse Key (used with T1154)


BC-348-Q Repairs

BIB 1/8" tape splicing kit

Broadway Baptist Church Display 2006

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Steam Rally

Bush Index Page

Bush DAC10

Bush DAC90

Bush DAC90 Repairs

Bush DAC90A

Bush DAC90A Repairs

Bush TUG58

Bush TR92C

Capacitor Re-Forming Unit

Cipralex Promotional Radio

Computer index

Cossor 1039 Oscilloscope

Cossor 1039 Mk2 (PDF manual)

Crown TR-680

Dansette 222

Dec PDP 11/45

DF Meter (used with R1155)

Domestic radio Index

Dulci "crystal set"

Dynatron Rally

Ekco T330

Ekco TMB272

Ferranti Electric (synchronous) Clock

Ferrograph Defluxer

Ferrograph RTS2 Recorder test set

For Sale

FotH Linux at Harpenden

"Fools on the Hill" TV Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


GER "Mighty Midget" (General Electric Radio Co. Ltd.)

Goblin Electric Clock Servicing. PDF of article by Mike Phelan

GPO Tester AT4557 (3000 & 600 Relays)

GPO Tester TG1149 (Polar / Carpenter / Telegraph Relays)

Grammont Telephone

Hacker Radio Index

Hacker RP17 "Mini Herald"

Hacker RP25A "Sovereign 2"

Hacker RP35 "Herald"

HMV 1360

Installation of two air traffic control suites at the BAA Heathrow Visitor Centre.

Issis Model 20 "radio"

Jason Kit W11 Wobbulator

L/R meter


Major Megger


Megger Applications Booklet (PDF file, 3.45MB)

Megger Theory (PDF file, 3MB)

Marconi TF340

Marconi TF2002

Marconi TF2002 Repairs

MI-8319 PSU for AR88

Mullard MAS274/15

National C-R1

Novelty Radio Index

Olympia Dictating Machine

Olympic Bear

Orpheus Radio

Orpheus Radio Repairs

Paravolt testmeter

Pepsi Promotional Radio

Perdio PR37 "Carnival"

Pifco "All In One Radiometer"

Philips Tape Strobe

Pul-syn-etic Programme Clock

Pye 1082

Pye AC4D Twin-Triple Transportable

Pye Index

Pye VT4 Money Box

Qaurtzlock AE198 (PDF manual)

Qaurtzlock 2A (PDF manual)

Radio Display at Chiltern Traction Engine Club, October 2005

Radio and Television Servicing Index, 1946 - 1964 (PDF)

Realistic Raccoon

Recording and Replay Index

Roberts Radio Index

Roberts R606

Roberts R606-MB

Roberts R707

Roberts R800

Roberts RP20


Scophony type 123 mirror drum scanner

SCR Ring Counter (pdf)

Service Data (Downloadable)

Sinclair ZX80

Sinclair ZX81

Sinclair ZX RAMpack

Sinclair ZX printer

Sony ICR3

Stroboscope No19

Taylor Model 110C C&R Bridge

Taylor Model 110C instructions.

Tektronix 535A Oscilloscope

Tektronix 1480 series waveform monitor PDF manual

Telephone Index

Telequipment D61A (full handbook)

Television Index

"Television on a Tek Scope"

Television Standards Conversion Demonstration

Test Equipment Index

Thyratron Frequency Divider

Thyratron Index

Thyratron Pulse Generator

Tomy MR.D.J

Transformer shorted turn detection

Truvox "Radio Jack"

Tune A Apple

Tunnel Diode Curve Tracer (PDF article)

Twyford Waterworks Trust Open Day August 2007

Twyford Waterworks Trust Open Day October 2007

TV Standards Converter

Vidor CN431 "Marquisa"

Vidor Promotional

Vintage Radio Displays (we sometimes take some of the collection out for the day......)


Workshop safety




Behind the Scenes.

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