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Cossor 1039 Mk1 Oscilloscope

Safety warning: Please remember that electronic equipment can contain voltages that will KILL you. Don't attempt to work on old equipment unless you know what you are doing. If in doubt, seek help from a qualified person. Please also view our Hints & Tips page

What's New (last update 1st February 2011)


Experimental Weather Station and Weather Webcam page.


The "Fools on the Hill" TV project, using a PC as a TV standards converter


The aim of this page is to document Mel and Jims' collection of vintage communication equipment.

The collection covers domestic, commercial and military radio equipment, as well as telephone and telegraph items, and the test equipment required to maintain them.

There is also a large collection of novelty radio items.

These pages will slowly develop to exhibit as much of our collection as we can.

Please click on the links below to access the collection, or us the A-Z index.

The Behind the Scenes area is intended to show the restoration or repair of items for our collection, to give hints on repair and restoration, and to provide an area to advertise surplus items for disposal.

I have started to take some of the items in our collection to display at local events. Some of the events are shown here.



Domestic radio

Military radio

Novelty Radio

Recording & Replay


Test Equipment


Behind the Scenes.

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